Lil Yachty might be all about positivity but he’s not done feuding with Joe Budden.

Lil Boat added a little gas to flames by wearing a “Fuck Joe Budden” hoodie at a recent show. The polarizing artist’s attire inspired the crowd to chant the phrase, which soon led to Yachty addressing the generational gap in Hip Hop.

“These old ass niggas need to stop fucking with these young niggas, man,” he told the audience.

Yachty and Budden’s feud all stems from the former’s appearance on Complex’s Everday Struggle, which led to a heated debate between the two. Budden was particularly bothered by Lil Boat’s happy-go-lucky persona, which the rapper-turned-talking head called “bullshit.”

Ever since the showdown, both sides have been trading verbal barbs and social media taunts. While it seemed like the beef was finally starting to quiet down, Yachty’s latest actions might just reignite the anger of Budden.