In September, HipHopDX introduced readers to a Baton Rouge collective called Black Cypress. The talented crew, which includes Rostrum Records artist Caleb Brown, looks to make a bigger impression on listeners with the release of their debut project, Swamp Tales.

“This project is the story of the average kid in Baton Rouge from nine different perspectives,” Brown told HipHopDX. “We speak on the vices that grip us the most like women and drugs as well as calling out the crabs in the bucket theory placed upon the city. Tales of the young, black and burdened.”

The project gives all nine MCs — Brown, Quadry, Blaze Jose, JIREH, DQ Rogers, xelA7th, BRANDØM, T. Davis and RyaN Jéy — a chance to shine over the course of 12 tracks produced by TyDidThi$Beat, Swiger and OG Muchee. On top of that, the group also released a music video for their lead single, “Club Third,” with the help of director Evan Kidd.

Check out the stream, cover art and tracklist for Black Cypress’ Swamp Tales below. Watch the “Club Third” video above.

Black Cypress Release Debut

1. FuccOutMySwamp (Skit)
2. Swamp f. JIREH, T. Davis, Blaze Jose, BRANDØM & xelA7th [Prod. TyDidThi$Beat]
3. Couple Pots f. Caleb Brown, Quadry, BRANDØM & RyaN Jèy [Prod. Swiger]
4. Club Third f. T. Davis, RyaN Jèy, Blaze Jose, DQ Rogers, JIREH, Quadry & Caleb Brown [Prod. TyDidThi$Beat]
5. Park Talk f. RyaN Jèy, xelA7th & BRANDØM [Prod. Swiger]
6. Downbad f. JIREH, Caleb Brown, xelA7th, Blaze Jose & Quadry [Prod. Swiger]
7. Coldest Yet f. JIREH, T.Davis, Quadry & xelA7th [Prod. Swiger]
8. Kayla f. Blaze Jose & T. Davis [Prod. OG Muchee]
9. The Count f. T. Davis, JIREH, Blaze Jose & DQ Rogers [Prod. TyDidThi$Beat]
10. AintMyRound (Skit)
11. Damn f. Caleb Brown, JIREH, T. Davis & BRANDØM [Prod. TyDidThi$Beat]
12. Bitch, I’m High f. Caleb Brown, Blaze Jose, xelA7th, DQ Rogers, BRANDØM, JIREH, T. Davis & RyaN Jèy [Prod. Swiger & TyDidThi$Beat]