Atlanta, GA

As the sex cult scandal surrounding R. Kelly continues to unfold, the family of alleged victim Joycelyn Savage has added a new chapter to the story. Savage’s parents and sister reportedly showed up to Kelly’s Atlanta estate with a police escort in an effort to check on her.

“We in front of R. Kelly’s house,” Savage’s father said in the video obtained by TMZ. “We trying to check on our daughter Joycelyn Savage. And we going to do what we have to do to make sure our daughter … we just want to make sure she’s fine. If she won’t come to us at the concert, we gonna come to her. We gonna make sure we see her. There’s about four, five police cars here already. If he a man, he need to come out and let my daughter come out.”

A woman reportedly came to the door and said Savage wasn’t home. Police eventually contacted Savage on FaceTime and she (once again) said she was fine and didn’t want to speak to her family.

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Savage’s parents are convinced she’s being held against her will despite her video stating otherwise, which she released in July. Kelly has adamantly denied all of the allegations.

Watch the video above.