True to the punchline of his LA Leakers freestyle over Kendrick Lamar’s infectious “DNA.,” 2 Chainz released his fourth studio album, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, on June 16. The project peaked in the #2 position of the Billboard 200, his strongest showing since Based On A T.R.U. Story hit #1 back in 2012. This past Friday, he stopped by Streetz Is Watchin on Serius XM to chat with DJ Drama, DJ Sense, and Don Cannon about the new album and much more.

Among the many gems he dropped was the revelation of the one artist he’d love to work with before he goes out: JAY-Z.

“I feel like I’m an early adopter — and JAY-Z is a really early adopter,” he explained after Cannon revealed that during a conversation with No I.D., the two agreed that 2 Chainz going to Def Jam was the biggest thing to happen to the imprint since JAY-Z.

“That’s really the only artist on my bucket list that I haven’t done a song with,” Chainz said.

He also addressed his recent family dinner with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. “We didn’t talk about recording, but we did talk about the process of him getting back into the studio,” Chainz explained. “He is actually producing, and not just giving direction like he had been doing for a while.”

Yeezy has reportedly been in the mountains of Wyoming working on new material. “Tity Boi and Ye coming soon,” he added before the interview switched gears.

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According to 2 Chainz, Kanye also doesn’t harbor any deep resentment toward JAY-Z following the shots at him on 4:44. “For the most part, bro was like ‘We still brothers’ … [but] he had a couple of things to say that he probably wanted me to keep [to myself].”

Before the interview wrapped, he also touched on the recent situation between Joe Budden and Migos. “We really have dracos … Atlanta is the ‘show and prove’ capitol,” he cautioned. “The Migos are on top now … you don’t have to love it. But, Unless you’re just a straight-up hater, you gotta let them boys have it.”

Watch the full two-part interview below.