XXXTENTACION strikes again. After inserting himself into the Rob $tone/Ski Mask The Slump God fiasco, it seems there’s more trouble in paradise.

Recently, XXX has gained newfound fame with his track “Look at Me,” which garnered the attention of Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, and the fanbases of all those rappers alike. While this breakout hit single put him on the map, his actions which consist of trolling Drake and landing himself in jail continue to create controversy.

Insert A$AP Lotto, part of the A$AP Mob. In 2015, Lotto released a track titled “Illness” on SoundCloud, which earned around 750,000 plays.

“Look at Me” was released in late 2015 and has racked up 75 million plays on SoundCloud. It really gained traction this year when XXX accused Drake of stealing the flow of the song for “KMT,” a cut off his More Life playlist. The young Florida rapper released “Look at Me” commercially in February of this year and recently included it on his Revenge mixtape.

According to Lotto, it seems the beat from “Look at Me” is a complete rip-off of “Illness” and he took to Twitter to make his point.

After the situation was aired out, XXX found his way to Lotto’s DMs and threatened to run up on him.



View a screenshot of the DM conversation below provided exclusively to HipHopDX via a rep for A$AP Lotto.