Fidget spinners, the stress-relieving toys meant to help people who can’t focus, are starting to infiltrate Hip Hop. Eleven-year-old rapper Matt Ox’s “Overwhelming” music video, which prominently features the fidget spinner, has gone viral. Consequently, it’s led to an increase in the toy’s visibility.

The fidget spinner is a three-pronged piece of plastic or metal that spins around a central weighted disc, essentially functioning like a vintage spinning top. The spinners are a hit with kids and the craze is starting to reach adults too — and that includes rappers.

Earlier this month, Styles P was seen with a fidget spinner in the studio. The LOX member spun the toy on his head in an Instagram video he posted on May 3.

“Shit you do when you mad high in the studio,” Styles wrote in the caption. “hahahah hahahahhah I’m fidgety like a mofo so I like to spin hahahhahahah.”

Shit you do when you mad high in the studio .. hahahah hahahahhah I'm fidgety like a mofo so I like to spin hahahhahahah

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Nef The Pharaoh took the craze to the next level by incorporating one into an elaborate chain. The Chang Project artist claimed he began the fidget spinner wave while playing Three 6 Mafia’s “Ridin Spinners.”

Just for record , I created this ?… I'm Ridin Spinners

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Despite its popularity, fidget spinners have not received unanimous approval in the Hip Hop community. Rich Chigga is among the toy’s detractors, as seen in his recent interview with Pigeons & Planes.

“If you have a fidget spinner, I fucking hate you,” Rich said.