Once again, an artifact from the late Tupac Shakur has been made available for purchase to the masses.

The memorabilia website Moments In Time, which has sold numerous items that once belonged to Tupac, is selling a handwritten lyric sheet for the rapper’s Me Against The World track “Dear Mama” for $75,000.

Consisting of three handwritten pages, the sheets feature lyrics to “Dear Mama,” as well as a couple of side notes from ‘Pac.

On one sheet, the rapper jotted down the names of fellow lyricists Yo-Yo and Ice Cube. The note was likely for an original demo version of “Dear Mama,” which reportedly featured a sample from Ice Cube’s “It’s A Man’s World” record featuring Yo-Yo.

Additionally, Tupac scribbled a grim note on the third lyric sheet.

“Some [muthafuckerz] say that I have been raped in jail/ They want me dead for how I succeeded in rap game,” Tupac wrote.

TMZ reports that Moments In Time received the handwritten lyric sheet from a private collector in Poland.

Featured in the Library of Congress because of its cultural, historical, and aesthetic impact, “Dear Mama” has garnered countless accolades.

Created as an ode to his mother, the late Afeni Shakur, the song topped Billboard’s Hot Rap Singles, and was certified platinum mere months after its release.

On “Dear Mama,” Tupac delved into his mother’s past struggle with drugs, but also applauded her for her dedication, rapping, “‘Cause when I was low you was there for me / And never left me alone, because you cared for me.”

Afeni Shakur passed away last May at the age of 69.