Chance The Rapper was clearly not satisfied with an article published by Complex that ranked all of Kanye West‘s albums from best to worst and placed Late Registration as second to last. After responding to the article, “How am I supposed to keep reading this after you put Late Registration 2nd to last?” he took it upon himself to deliver his own ranking of Yeezy’s catalog via Twitter.

Beginning with (of course) 2005’s Late Registration, West’s second studio album, Chance’s list follows with The College DropoutMy Beautiful Dark Twisted FantasyGraduationWatch The Throne with Jay Z, The Life of Pablo that he appears on, Yeezus and 808s & Heartbreak.

Lil Chano has always professed his admiration for his fellow Chicago native, but since becoming one of rap’s golden children, they’ve formed a close friendship. In 2011, he thanked West for putting him on, then had Yeezy’s back in 2012 and, in 2014, they finally crossed paths.

However, that wasn’t the end of it. West eventually asked Chance to be on his album, The Life of Pablo, in 2016. His bars on “Ultralight Beam” were named HipHopDX’s Verse of the Year. Since then, Chance’s position in the rap community has only continued to skyrocket and it wouldn’t be surprising if he teamed up with his idol again. For now, Chano continues to show his love for Yeezy, ranking all eight of West’s albums in the order he believes is accurate. Check out the full list above.