Soulja Boy might have taken his beef with Chris Brown too far as he’s dragged the singer’s daughter and her mother into the melee.

He shared a tweet early this morning (January 5) that he was hanging out with Royalty and Nia Guzman at Floyd Mayweather’s house. The boxing champion is fueling the fire by promoting an official fight between the R&B bad boy and the “Crank That” rapper.

He also shares an Instagram photo from Nia’s page (which is now set to private) showing a picture of Royalty tagged with Mayweather and The Money Team.

Soulja Boy Chris brown daughter

TMZ spoke with Guzman, who says that the photo had nothing to do with the feud, but that the TMT boss “is investing in Royalty’s future” and that’s why she tagged him and his company.

Breezy didn’t find it funny that Soulja was name-dropping his little girl and his ex. He made his thoughts very clear on Instagram.

“Bro, all jokes aside, my nigga, seriously. We gonna set up this fight, it’s gonna be professional, you can do all of that. But one thing you gotta stop doing, my nigga, I’m gonna be real with you, stop bringing my daughter into this, my nigga,” he says in a video post. “Stop saying shit about my fucking daughter, bro. This not no fucking game, my nigga. Now you playing with something else, that’s gonna take the shit somewhere else.”

He says he will go through with whatever is required for the celebrity boxing match. Adrien Broner, who was once a protege of Money May before they fell out, has taken Chris’ side in the fight. But Breezy will not tolerate Soulja crossing a line that he says everyone from the street should understand.

“You’re setting up this fight. I’m gonna do everything, we’re gonna do all that,” he adds. “Stop talking, bro, if it’s already set, it’s set. I’m telling you right now, on Jesus Christ, on anybody you fucking believe in, Allah, Buddah, I don’t give a fuck, nigga. On my daughter, stop talking about my daughter, bro. That shit ain’t cool. Real gangstas and street niggas know, number one rule: no girls, no daughters, no kids. You’s a bitch, my nigga. Stop.”

IM NOT PLAYING! Krossed da line…… We gone push this fight UP!!! I promise you are regret this for the rest of ya life

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And those weren’t the only females Soulja posted about today. He also shared a few photos of himself with Nicki Minaj and declared his love for her around the same time she shared that she is single and no longer with Meek Mill.

He thought twice about that and deleted the posts, but here’s screenshots thanks to SOHH.

Soulja Boy Nicki Minaj
Soulja Boy Nicki Minaj


Does he have a shot?