Los Angeles, CA – Late Monday night, Ray J (along with some Chris Brown instigation) took off the gloves and responded to their birthday suit exposé featured in Kanye West’s “Famous” video with a diss track aimed at him and his wife, Kim Kardashian, which is also titled “Famous.”

In spite of the record’s harmonious R&B vibes, the lyrics were strong enough for a gangsta rap album as the recently married Ray J harkened back on his past with the reality star immortal, crooning “Look at the family, they walk around proud/All because she had my dick in her mouth” with reckless abandon.

While some gave the song props and totally agreed the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star was within his G-code rights to respond to Yeezy, many others felt like the timing of the record’s unveiling was in poor taste, for the world and Jim Jones were currently soaking up details surrounding Kanye’s hospitalization after he called it quits on his Saint Pablo Tour.

In an exclusive conversation with HipHopDX, Hip Hop heavyweight and Ray J-version “Famous” producer Drumma Boy did agree that the rebuttal bore witness to “horrible timing,” but he assures no maliciousness toward Kanye’s ailment was intended.

“You got R&B beef just like you got rap beef and it’s all for entertainment,” Drumma Boy tells DX. “When Kanye put the Ray J doll and the Trump doll and the Amber Rose and the Rihanna, I think out of everybody [in the “Famous” video], Ray J felt like he had to respond. And when you have Chris Brown helping you plead, how are you not going to release that record?”

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Drumma Boy reveals the record came to fruition organically, as he’s currently working on his own Drumma Boy & the Affiliates album (Chris Brown, Akon, Pitbull, T.I., Wiz Khalifa, Desiigner and Ty Dolla $ign are some of the names on deck so far), pushing out his Drum Mojis and digging deep into the EDM world. As for the timing of the record, he vouches for Ray J’s overall intent in the song’s release.

“I don’t think Ray J even knew because they just announced Kanye was in the psych ward like an hour ago. [“Famous”] was released on iTunes [Monday night],” Drumma Boy points out. “So Ray J didn’t know anything about [Kanye’s situation]. But it leans towards Kim more so than anything. I guess Chris Brown was talking about Karrueche or whoever the girls he’s made famous in his life. It’s so easy, as soon as you take another picture with a girl, he can make another girl famous tonight. But I don’t think the timing isn’t too much of an issue. We all wish the best for Kanye. Hope he comes in — sane and gives us some more music. It’s just friendly shots, man. Kanye threw a shot at Ray J and now he’s throwing a shot back: ‘Oh, you got my girl? Oh, that’s cool. Now we can make another one famous.'”

Drumma Boy went on to state how the entire record’s existence resorted back to Kanye’s original epiphany.

“If you think about it, from a celebrity standpoint, we make a lot of women famous. From the point of view … let’s say a young lady and she walks up to our [club V.I.P.] section and paparazzi just gets photos of me and this young lady … the world knows who the celebrity is so-to-speak but then they’re like, ‘Who is this hot new female with him?’ Especially if she’s gorgeous. Now her social media is bigger. When she goes out by herself, you’re paying attention to her just because of who she’s dealt with. So, it’s a funny case scenario but it’s true!”

He adds, “Regardless of content, I’m just the producer so I have no say so of what they talk about on top of my music but I am pleased to hear it and I do think it’s a dope collaboration between Brown and Ray J.”