Sho Baraka released The Narrative today (October 21), his debut album on Humble Beast.

The LP stands at 14 tracks and explores race, faith and love as Sho spits his signature thought-provoking bars over soulful production. Lecrae appears on “Here, 2016” and fellow Humble Beast artist Jackie Hill Perry is featured on “Kanye, 2009,” Sho’s own version of a Kanye West rant.

The Atlanta-based rapper is traveling on the Spotlight Tour with Propaganda having open discussions about current social justice issues and sharing new music along the way.

In Humble Beast tradition, The Narrative is available for free download at

Stream Sho Baraka’s The Narrative album above and keep scrolling for the cover art and tracklist.

(This article was first published October 8, 2016 and is as follows.)

Humble Beast’s newest signee, Sho Baraka, announced his debut album on the label, The Narrative, yesterday (October 7).

The Los Angeles-bred MC is set to drop the 14-track project October 21. Sho enlists Lecrae, fellow Humble Beast artist Jackie Hill Perry and more to tell the story of Black America in a timeline format, complete with Kanye West tribute.

Sho Baraka was a founding member of Reach Records before leaving and independently releasing his Talented Xth LP in 2013.

He is set to go on travel with labelmate Propaganda on the Spotlight Tour this fall as the duo explores the role of the church in facing social justice issues. Each stop will feature music from Sho’s new project.

Pre-order Sho Baraka’s The Narrative on i-Tunes.

Check out the cover art and tracklist below.

Sho baraka "The narrative" album cover art
  1. Foreward, 1619
  2. Soul, 1971
  3. Kanye, 2009 (f. Jackie Hill Perry)
  4. Love, 1959
  5. Here, 2016 (f. Lecrae)
  6. 30 & Up, 1986 (f. Courtney Orlando)
  7. Profhet, 1968 (f. James Portier)
  8. Maybe Both, 1865 (f. James Portier)
  9. Excellent, 2017
  10. Road to Humble, 1979
  11. Myhood, U.S.A., 1937 (f. Vanessa Hill)
  12. Words, 2006
  13. Fathers, 2004
  14. Piano Break, 33 A.D.