With the race for the White House intensifying more and more each week, both the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, and the Republican front runner, Donald Trump, are out campaigning in search of every vote and drop of support they can get.

After endorsing Clinton on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore last month, DJ Khaled offered another wave of support for the Democratic candidate during a recent interview with Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric.

“The key is to stay away from ‘they,’” DJ Khaled said when asked for his thoughts on Donald Trump. “They don’t want you to win. They don’t want you to progress. They don’t want you to prosper. They want to lock the door on you… They also come in different disguises, too. They can actually come hug you, and show you love, but be behind-the-scenes really wanna finish you.”

When pressed whether he was referring to Donald Trump with his previous comments, DJ Khaled added: “Well, I don’t know him. But I know I’m not voting for him, no. Definitely not voting for him. The key is to vote because we need a vote to put the people in power that we want to represent us. So I’m definitely gonna vote for Hillary [Clinton]. Obama is my president. I don’t want Obama to leave house. He’s my president. He’s my guy. He’s my friend. Before I met him, I always felt like I knew him my whole life [and] that’s why he’s my president. Because when he speaks, you can tell it’s from his heart and it’s also from his intelligence.”

Katie Couric later asked how Khaled — a Muslim — feels towards Donald Trump, considering the controversial comments the Republican candidate has made towards the Muslim population.

“I can’t entertain ignorance,” he said. “You can’t entertain ignorance. We’re all one. And I’m about unity. I’m about peace. I’m about love. And if you’re not about that, I don’t wanna be around you because that’s a negative force. We’re all one. All of us.”

Moving away from political chat, Khaled elsewhere opened up about some of the artists he most enjoys working and collaborating with.

“There’s so many people, man, but I love working with Future. Because when me and Future work in the studio, we get like ten records done in a day. But I love working with Jay Z, too. I love working with a lot of people.”

Lastly, DJ Khaled announced that he’s set to reunite with Beyoncé for the third and final leg of the singer’s “The Formation World Tour” when it returns to North America at the start of September.

“We’re gonna do a second leg,” he revealed. “We’re gonna do spot dates in the States, starting in September.”