Talib Kweli names the artists he believes are on their way to legend status.

According to Brooklyn wordsmith Talib Kweli, there are a handful of present-day artists who are on their way to becoming legends. Among the artists Kweli named in a post uploaded to Twitter this week were Run The Jewels, Joey Bada$$, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Rapsody, anderson paak, and Chance The Rapper.

The musician made the reveal when a Twitter user shared their belief that artists like A Tribe Called Quest and Rakim, do not have any counterparts in today’s music.

“I disagree. RTJ, Joey Badass, Kendrick, Cole, Rapsody, anderson paak, chance, all great on they way to legend,” Talib Kweli tweeted in response, yesterday (May 17).

After sharing his list of future legends, Kweli then touched on the ease in which good music can be found, today.

“You are pretending that finding good music is harder than it used to be. That is false. It’s way easier…People forget the primary subject of real hiphop from 20-30 years ago was the ubiquitous ‘wack MC.’ Cuz there was a lot of wack shit out,” the rapper wrote in two separate tweets.

Talib Kweli’s tweet sharing his picks for future music legends, can be found below.