Chance The Rapper named his favorite songs on Kanye West’s The College Dropout album today (February 10).

Before naming his choices, the Chicago rapper posed a question.

“Best 3 songs on College Dropout?” he wrote on Twitter.

He answered his own question about the 2004 album eight minutes later.

“Me personally… All Falls Down, Family Business, We Don’t Care,” he wrote.

In addition to their shared Illinois heritage, Chance The Rapper and Kanye West were reportedly in the studio last month working on material for West’s forthcoming album, which is now named T.L.O.P. and is due tomorrow (February 11).

In May, Chance The Rapper discussed his admiration for West.

“I just respect the fuck out of him,” Chance The Rapper said at the time,” and I respect him much more after sitting with him in a room with no one watching and no cameras on and him being like, ‘I care this much about how the world works and how your shit goes and I’m going to give you a full blown lecture, really loud, about how this shit works.’ And I was like ‘yeah, for sure.’”

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