Common’s been known to collaborate with people other than strictly musicians so the idea he’d be interested in doing a song with First Lady Michelle Obama is not so farfetched.

Recently speaking with TMZ, the Chicago rapper/actor said he would collaborate with Obama if prompted after seeing her collaborative song with Saturday Night Live’s Jay Pharoah for a College Humor skit.

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“I would rhyme with her on something,” Common said when asked about her shoutout of him in the song they created. “I would rhyme with her because she’s that dope. For the President and the First Lady I’d do anything.”

Common also said he loved the verse and Michelle Obama’s passion for their hometown.

“I really love that. I love her verse,” he said. “She said something about the Southside, it was good man. You can tell she was passionate about [it].”

Watch TMZ’s interview with Common below:

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