Travis Scott details Kanye West’s dedication to making SWISH during an interview with Billboard.

“I feel like it’s going to be like a very good fucking good album,” says Scott, who performed at Billboard Winter Fest at Park City Live yesterday (January 23). “Muthafucka, he going in on this album. That nigga not sleeping. The nigga ain’t eating. It’s just crazy. It’s lit like he’s just focusing on this album. He really wants this album to be the illest, so I’m just here to support that.”

The Houston artist is also supporting Kendrick Lamar, who is up for 11 Grammys thanks to his To Pimp A Butterfly album.

“I just think it’s super dope,” Scott says. “I hope he brings ’em home man. I feel like in Hip Hop we just need more artists like him who can just keep the drive going and keep Hip Hop alive, you know, keep the name going, so I just think it’s super-ill.”

With Kanye West among his notable contributors, Travis Scott says he’d like to work with another high-profile act, M.I.A. 

“I feel like the way she creates is so ill,” he says. “I just want to work with her and just bounce ideas. We probably don’t even have to make music. We could just talk.”

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