Lil Durk is a mainstay in the newer wave of Chicago Hip Hop and recently released his latest mixtape 300 Days 300 Nights.

Recently speaking with HipHopDX Senior News Writer Victoria Hernandez, the rapper talked about his rhymes and how he’s used them in a positive light.

“At the end of the day it’s my city and it’s just how I portray it,” he said via a segment of today’s (January 5) DX Daily. “Keep up the good work and go talk to these schools and stay in the stop-the-violence programs. Stay in school is the good part of Chicago that a lot of people don’t see. As long as you keep doing it, they can’t really put you in the mix of everything that’s going on.”

Lil Durk also talked about what Chicago knows that a lot of the outside world and media doesn’t see, which includes death and gang activity.

“There’s a lot of homicides,” he said. “A lot going on that people don’t talk about. I can’t pinpoint, but a lot of things that’s going on that I can’t see anything being spoken about.”

Watch the full DX Daily featuring Lil Durk below: