Up-and-coming Dallas rapper G.U.N stopped by DX headquarters on Friday (December 12) to break down the city’s emerging Hip Hop scene with HipHopDX Editor-In-Chief Justin Hunte. The “Johnny Cage” rapper, G.U.N details how Joey Fatts helped the emerging Dallas Hip Hop scene.

“Crit Life came in building the rage scene with me,” G.U.N says in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX published Saturday (December 13). “Devy Stonez came in building the rage scene. Pyrex Pirates came in building the rage scene and then people’s eyes was like ‘Oh, it’s turnt.’ That’s when A$AP Ant came out there and did a show and then Joey Fatts came out there and did a show. Joey Fatts really kind of initiated the wave slowly coming in for Dallas because he just started tweeting about it.”

G.U.N also credits the fusion between hipsters and people from the streets as a reason why Dallas has been able to gain major traction this year with the prominence of Blue, The Misfit, Post Malone, Justus, Bobby Sessions and The Outfit, TX, among other notable Dallas artists.

“It’s too many stars in Dallas,” the Geeked Up Music artist says. “It’s too many creators. It’s too many people really out there doing it. It’s too many people that really, really want it and is hungry for it. Justus is in LA right now and there’s other people that’s coming up as well under the people that’s starting to get that spotlight, shine for Dallas. To know that everybody that’s doing it for Dallas is in their mind doing it for Dallas makes it even sweeter.”

In 2016, the “Undi Lay” rapper says that fans can expect more visuals from him, along with features from Rae Sremmurd, Key!, Young Gleesh and A$AP Ant, among others.

To see G.U.N detail how Joey Fatts helped the emerging Dallas Hip Hop scene, watch the video below: