Bobby Sessions’ “Black Neighborhood” is gritty, grimy and boasts an unfortunately ubiquitous depiction of urban communities. In a sense, it’s a list of a mono-line environment littered with gun stores next to liquor stores next to gun stores next to liquor stores next to a Footlocker, yet spilling humanity and consequence in every stanza.

Of course the visual is in black and white. Of course there are a gaggle of images of dilapidated homes and burned-down commercial spaces. Even with the technological leaps and economic innovation that define the 2000s so far, real-world examples of communities left praying and pining for a better tomorrow are still entirely too common. “Black Neighborhood” speaks for the unmentioned. The Smokey Got Beats-produced track can be found on his L.O.A. (Law Of Attraction)project. Sink into the Bobby Session’s “Black Neighborhood.”