Dallas rapper Justus was featured heavily on Dr. Dre’s Compton: A Soundtrack by Dr. Dre. He says that he hopes to use his platform to raise awareness for the Rap scene in his hometown.

“Now that I have the opportunity that I have now, I’m definitely gonna go back and help expose it,” he says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX as part of the DX Daily. “It’s tough. It’s just underexposed and we’re trying to bring the light to it.”

Justus says that compared to Houston, it’s difficult for artists from Dallas to make it big.

“There’s not necessarily an in to the industry,” he says. “In a lot of those places you can get in because the people you are around are in the game. They are in the industry. You have Chamillionaire or Paul Wall or whoever you wanna say from Houston. Back in the day, they was helping people launch and get into the industry. I think there’s not many doors in Dallas and once you find one, everybody’s trying to squeeze into it.”

Some Dallas rappers making a name for themselves are G.U.N., A.Dd+, Buffalo Black, Sam Lao and Blue the Misfit.

“Blue was my original producer,” Justus says. “So when he broke up with Sore Losers, he came back to Dallas and we started a group. From that group, we did tons of shows in Dallas. Us and A.Dd headlined at the Granada. It was like a big sold out local event. It was great for the city.”

Justus has witnessed the scene become more solidified and is happy to see it continue progressing.

“When I was there, there was a lot of unity,” he says. “When we first started, there was none. We had to kind of cultivate the scene that’s there and the way it’s going now. Before, there was a lot of boogie music. It wasn’t artsy. It wasn’t forward. Now, we’re there and we’re caught up and we’re unified in it. There’s groups that are putting out music in Dallas that are all about the kids and the youth and giving back. It’s going, man. It’s moving.”

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