With the year coming to a close, a number of artists have begun to reveal their album plans for 2016. One artist who just revealed their plans to release an album in the new year is Brooklyn, New York rapstress Lil’ Kim.

Kim made the reveal during a newly-released interview with Hot 97 after she was asked what’s next with her career. She also revealed that she’ll be taking part in several tours in the future.

“I’m working on a new album for next year,” Lil’ Kim said. “I put up a post not too long ago. I was at my old record label, so maybe. I’ve got a couple tours that I’mma be a part of. Just watch and wait.”

As a new mom, Kim expressed her excitement at celebrating Christmas this year, now that her daughter has hit the one-year mark.

“I love Christmas, but this Christmas is gonna be more special because my daughter’s 17 months now,” she said. “She’s gonna be able to understand and enjoy Christmas this year…Last year, she was a baby. She’s a little person, so I can’t wait to see her go crazy and go ‘ooo.’ Cause that’s all she says now.”

Lastly, Lil’ Kim was asked if she’s interested in Hillary Clinton for president. The rapper didn’t offer a “yes” or “no” when asked if she would vote for Clinton as president, but did state that she’s rooting for her.

“We had a Black president for the first time in history and Obama is—I think he’s great,” Kim said. “I think he dealt with pressures accordingly. They can say whatever they want, but until you’re in that White House chair, you don’t have anything to say. You don’t know what goes on politically. I root for Hillary just because I admire her courage, her bravery. Is she gonna be great for that position? Who knows? We’ll have to see if it happens.”

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