Atlanta, Georgia rapper Jeezy recently caught up with CNN to discuss his thoughts on both gun and drug laws.

After sharing his belief that “all lives matter,” Jeezy went on to explain that it’s the people with guns, people he says sometimes have emotional or mental issues, that are more so the problem than the guns themselves.

He also suggested that stricter gun laws, similar to ones in Florida, might help curve the problem.

“From my eyes, all lives matter,” Jeezy said. “Especially black ones, but all lives matter. So, a lot of the problems we have today in our communities is about that particular issue, human lives. It’s a thin line between knowing who’s with you and who’s going to hurt you…Guns have always been a part of my upbringing. Whether it was just your uncle’s hunting rifle or your cousin’s military issue weapon. Or the police having guns…It’s not the guns. It’s the people who have the guns. It’s the people who have emotional and mental problems that are going out here, reacting with firearms and taking lives without thinking about it. Of course, it should be certain laws or certain ways. I think in Florida it’s 10, 20, life. That scared me. Ain’t no way around that. So, maybe that’s something we need to put out everywhere.”

The Southern wordsmith later expressed his confusion at the fact that someone can be locked up for selling marijuana, while there are those who are allowed to use the drug for medical reasons.

“You have to understand, in a country like America, people—we’re born entrepreneurs, so we figure out ways to make money,” he said. “I’m taking care of my kids. I’m not hurting anyone selling a little pot. That’s what happens in the neighborhoods, so to see it legalized in certain states is even crazier. Because a lot of my friends are incarcerated for marijuana and it’s legal…How you put somebody in prison, but then at the same time you let people use it for medical reasons? It’s confusing.”