A petition placed on the White House’s petition website is requesting that Charly “Max B” Wingate either be pardoned or receive a retrial.

The petition states that the rapper’s conviction was “harsh, cruel and unlawful.” It further comments on the fact that Max B’s appeal for a retrial was denied.

“Rap icon Max B, also known as Charly Wingate, was found guilty of involvement in a robbery that left a man dead,” the petition reads. “Charly was sentenced to 40 years on September 4th 2009, without any convincing evidence presented by the state. Charly was accused of orchestrating a robbery and then convicted for armed robbery, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and murder. Many feel the rapper’s conviction was unusually harsh, cruel and unlawful. On August 30th 2012, Max B’s appeal for a retrial was denied with no further notice. We are looking to approach Governor Chris Christie and President Barack Obama for a pardon, or at the very least, a retrial.”

100,000 signatures are needed for the petition, which is directed to the Obama Administration. As of today (December 4), the petition only has 632 signatures.

This latest petition serves as Max B’s 12th with the White House.

Max B is currently serving 75 years in prison. He received his sentence over six years ago.