YG was shot in the hip in June at a recording studio in Los Angeles. His daughter was at the studio earlier in the day. The Compton, California rapper was “very uncooperative” with police about the investigation, but discussed the incident in the single “Twist My Fingaz” for his forthcoming LP, Still Krazy.

In the cover story for FADER‘s December 2015/January 2016 issue, YG addresses the shooting and says the perpetrator does not deserve his attention.

“We ain’t gon’ speak on ‘em, we ain’t go give ‘em no fame,” he says. “I ain’t gon’ shed no light on they careers, or they life, or whatever the fuck they doing. I feel like this: Los Angeles County is sick right now. It’s bad. Everybody mad out here right now.”

He continues by saying that his achievements have allowed others to become successful and suggests that onlookers have been acting out of jealousy.

“All the young motherfuckers, they getting money, they motivated,” YG says. “We had something to do with that because we came up. It brought opportunity for motherfuckers and shed more light on the West Coast. The music shit start popping again out here. We got strip clubs now, you feel me? It’s a lot of motherfuckers doing music now. It’s a lot of females becoming models and shit now. We got something to do with that. But at the same time, it’s a lot of motherfuckers that’s mad because they see what I’m doing, and they want my spot so bad.”

Elsewhere in the interview, YG recalls how DJ Mustard learned how to produce with some help from Ty Dolla $ign. Dolla $ign and YG worked together on the 2012 hit “Toot It and Boot It.”

“We were both experimenting,” YG says. “[Mustard] didn’t really know too much, and he used to ask Ty to help him start making beats. We were all learning at the same time. I would be helping like, ‘Nah, nigga that sounds off, play it like this.’ He’d be helping me with shit. We were going in for months.”

YG says he and DJ Mustard are on good terms, despite a feud that reached social media at the top of the year.

“That’s how it be sometimes when niggas is, like, homies and business,” he says. “We solid. We A1.”


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