Redman released his eighth studio album, Mudface, today (November 13).

The New Jersey emcee was asked to rank his previous seven albums by HipHopWired.

Redman says that Whut? Thee Album is his favorite project.

“It was the firstborn and I had hands on it from top to bottom,” he says, “and it was funky as a motherfucker. We used samples on there that we just got away with that we ain’t even paid for.”

His 2007 LP, Red Gone Wild, ranks #4 on Redman’s list. He explains why he considers this Def Jam Recordings release underrated.

Red Gone Wild was slept on because I think Def Jam was going through that phase of bringing in new artists and so many I guess CEOs was changing up there,” Redman says, “so they really ain’t had things together like they should have. It’s not no one’s fault. It’s just business. They was going through a dramatic change within those years.”

He places his sophomore album, Dare Iz a Darkside, as second to last in his rankings. Redman acknowledges that many people place it higher and says that he’s noticed women enjoy the album.

“It should be ranked a little higher,” he says. “I ain’t gonna lie. But it’s just that I never played that album. Even when I do shows, I don’t do any songs off that album.”

He explains that he was forced to grow up fast in the music industry, which affected his creative process on Dare Iz a Darkside.

“I was on the road, on tour at a real young age and then I did one album and blacked out on the album. Lyrically blacked out, but I was just there. I don’t even remember how I got it done and what studio I did it in.”

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