Redman says that he places Eminem among the greats of Rap.

“I rank him up there with Jay Z, Biggie and Nas,” the New Jersey rapper says to VladTV.

Redman says that he appreciates the Detroit rapper because Eminem has a mutual respect for him.

On his song, “Til I Collapse,” Eminem lists Redman as his favorite rapper followed by Jay Z, Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G.

“I might not appeal to a certain amount of audience over here, but I do appeal to key people in the game like Eminem and Ludacris,” the Def Jam rapper says. “They say I’m they favorite rapper and they career is still going on. They follow my pattern or they listen to me. In any way they was influenced by me or whatever, they career is still going on as mine’s is.”

Redman says that he and Slim Shady are on the same level because they care about their legacy, not about sales numbers.

“We take this Hip Hop culture serious,” he says. “We not going by how many spins we got on the air. We’re not appealing to the new audience. We’re not going by that. We’re going by our longevity, what we did in the game, our cornerstone. How did we hold our cornerstone of the Rap game down?”

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