As part of an F-Comedy video titled “If The Candidates Were Rappers, Who Would They Be?,” comedian/actor Hannibal Buress paired the presidential candidates with the rappers they’re most similar to.

Buress kicked the video off by comparing Joe Biden to Iggy Azalea and Hilary Clinton to Puff Daddy since she attached “herself to one of the all-time greats.”

From there, he paired Donald Trump with DJ Khaled, stating that they’re both loud, arrogant, corny, and big on self-promotion.

“Donald Trump is like DJ Khaled,” Hannibal Buress said. “Loud, arrogant, kinda corny. They both have catchphrases. ‘DJ Khaled!’ ‘You’re fired.’ Self-promotional. DJ Khaled has a music video. It’s mostly a commercial for his new restaurant. He just starts reading off menu items. ‘Hey girl, look at the red velvet cake.’ I’m pretty sure that restaurant is gonna succeed.”

Buress later compared Ben Carson to himself in both looks and mannerisms.

“Ben Carson’s me,” he said. “He looks just like me. I’m a rapper he looks like me. And he sorta talks like me a little bit. He stole some of my quirks. When he closes his eyes and he looks up. Where the fuck you get that from, Ben Carson? Ben Carson might be—he could be my dad.”

Although the comedian named OutKast, Lupe Fiasco, and Biggie as possible options for Bernie Sanders, he was unable to choose a rapper to compare Sanders to.