During a nearly one hour-long interview on The Breakfast Club today (November 10), Miami rapper Trick Daddy touched on a variety of topics. Among the topics discussed was his standing with fellow Florida rapper, Rick Ross.

Given that Trick Daddy was one of the first to call out Ross over his background as a corrections officer, he was asked how things are between the two currently.

He first commented on the feud between Ross and 50 Cent being comical, before revealing that he and the Maybach Music Group founder resolved their issues like men.

“The 50 and the Rick Ross thing been going on for a long time,” Trick Daddy said. “So, it’s just comical to me. But when I saw Vivica say something to 50 and then 50 commented like—He was like ‘So now she think I’m gay because I let her eat my behind.’ I was like ‘wow.’ I was trying to high-five 50. If y’all didn’t notice, you haven’t heard anything about that [Rick Ross feud] since. See real men handle they business. They talk they differences and everything…It always be those mini-mes, the me-toos, and the yes-men that keep stuff up…I don’t really have time to instigate problems with no old beef or no old misunderstanding.”

Prior to speaking on Ross and 50 Cent, Trick Daddy recalled being one of the first artists from the South to have their music played on New York radio.

“I can rap fast, but I don’t wanna rap the booty songs,” he said. “The nothing music. And I just put all my problems—And I always thought that music was supposed to take you somewhere. I put all my problems…And I made it my business not to ever get caught up in lies and scandals. And never try to be something that I ain’t. And I always just—My life story and things I believe or things that I saw. And I put it in my music. And I remember when I came to New York City years ago, me and Master P was one of the first two from the South that they actually played on New York radio. Cause the first time I came to New York, I was doing an interview with somebody. And I ain’t gonna call no names. And they was like ‘You don’t have no record for us to play?’ And I’m like ‘Damn, you supposed to have the record.’ They didn’t respect us…It took me like four albums to realize I was famous. Because I was just doing what I believed.”

Lastly, Trick spoke on being disappointed with the current state of music. He revealed that at one point he even hated it.

“It’s kinda disappointing,” Trick Daddy said. “I ain’t gonna lie. The last couple of years, I was not interested in doing music. I didn’t care nothing about music. Cause I saw the place that it was going. I hated it. I hated some of they names. Some of these rap names are worse than these girls’ Instagram names…I don’t try to do nothing that I can’t do…My thing is the truth ain’t gon’ never be fake. And the lie ain’t gon’ never be the truth.”