Radio personality Charlamagne Tha God recently gave credit to Slim Jesus, the rapper who found viral fame following the release of his “Drill Time” music video, for letting it be known that his music doesn’t portray who he is in real life.

Charlamagne was first questioned about the popularity of Slim Jesus’ interview with Vlad TV. In the video interview, the rapper makes it clear that the content in his music isn’t authentic.

During his interview with Vlad TV, Charlamagne applauded Slim Jesus for offering that disclaimer, and suggested that other rappers follow suit.

“It’s about timing,” Charlamagne said when asked about the popularity of Slim Jesus’ interview. “It’s not cause he’s hot. It’s not cause he’s hot in the streets. [We] fuckin’ with Slim Jesus. It’s that we saw his video. And the video had the warning in the beginning that none of this is real, which I thought was dope. Cause why incriminate yourself if you don’t fuckin’ have to? A lot of you stupid mothafuckin rappers could learn a lot from Slim Jesus. Like you don’t have to act like this shit is real. Shit don’t have to be real. I don’t know if y’all noticed or not, being real in rap don’t pay the bills no more. That shit ain’t never really paid the bills.”

Charlamagne also spoke on the difference between being real and being criminal, using Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Wale as examples of artists that are real.

“Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Wale, those guys are real,” he said. “But then it’s a lot of other rappers that are just out here doing criminal shit. All you mothafuckas I see on Worldstar with your guns and you’re beating up people. And you got your guns on the table. That’s just criminal…When Slim Jesus did that I thought it was dope. Cause it’s like why incriminate yourself if you don’t fuckin’ have to? And then when he said that—When he did the interview with you ‘That ain’t me. That’s not who I am at all.’ I’m like ‘yeah.’ And guess what? If he puts out another record, people gonna fuck with it. You know why they gonna fuck with it? Cause they see this white boy doing drill music. It’s the novelty of it.”

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