Acclaimed battle rapper Murda Mook recently revealed his views regarding the oft-discussed topic of Slim Jesus.

During a newly-published interview with VladTV, the Harlem, New York lyricist said that music is in a different space now, allowing artists such as Slim Jesus to thrive.

“Where we at now in music, you don’t have to be ‘that’ anymore in music,” Murda Mook says when asked for his opinion on the Hamilton, Ohio rapper. “You can just be whatever it is you make yourself into. With him, he hustling, and we’ve made it cool for that to be accepted… Let him keep hustling, I just hope it don’t come [back] to bite him because it’s a lot of things that come with being like that.”

Later in the conversation, Murda Mook revealed that he has a level of respect for Slim Jesus for coming out and admitting that his gritty lyrical content doesn’t mirror his everyday reality.

“For him coming out [and] saying, ‘Yo, all this shit is made up,’ I respect it, man. I respect it. But now, my question is do you listen to his music? He’s still gon’ get booked because he gon’ have fans. Him being [a] young, White boy rapping about this, they gobble it up. He’s gonna have so many fans because they want that life, but they don’t really want it, you understand what I’m saying? Like, ‘I wanna be close to it, But I don’t really want it.’”

Murda Mook also revealed that he wouldn’t have any problems appearing on a record with Slim Jesus, providing that the song is a hit.

Murda Mook’s interview with VladTV can be viewed below:

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