Slim Jesus has been the center of many controversies, from his “Drill Time” video to reportedly asking for nudes from underage girls. But did reportedly get co-signs from Puff Daddy, Vince Staples and Lil Bibby.

Now, Slim Jesus shares his life advice via his 10 Commandments with HotNewHipHop.

“Keep a good circle behind you,” he says for the first commandment. “At the end of the day, they’re going to be the ones that keep you up. Fuck a square.”

“Don’t get caught lackin’,” he says for the fourth commandment. “Period. Any situation. Don’t get caught lackin’. Be ready. People are gonna try stupid stuff.”

“Don’t fuck with broke thots,” is Slim Jesus’ seventh commandment. “If you wanna buy her dinner, that’s on you. But we don’t love these hoes. We ain’t payin’ for nothing.”

“Don’t get catfished,” the rapper says for the ninth commandment. “This is 2015. Fat hoes look hot on Twitter. I need multiple camera angles.”

To hear all 10 Commandments, watch HotNewHipHop‘s video below:

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