Every five minutes someone decides to begin a rap career and out of the over 10,000 currently trying to make it in Hip Hop, only a select few have made a dent.

Maryland’s Jay IDK is creating his own lane as his recent project SubTrap gained traction around the country after its release in late August. He recently sat down with HipHopDX and talked about how he was able to go from simply releasing scattered music to successfully marketing himself.

“I was just kind of putting music out and I didn’t really know and then I started slowing down and studying and watching other people around me and seeing how things were being done and asking a lot of questions,” Jay said via a segment of today’s (November 2) DX Daily. “That’s when I figured out this is how it works. I read a lot of books about music too and I took those things that I learned and I figured it out.”

Jay IDK also explained the physical material he using to research the music business and how it helped him.

“The main book that I really paid attention to was [All You Need to Know About the Music Business],” he said. “People call it the Bible for music. It tells you like the basics. I don’t [consider] anyone an artist until they read that book.”

Watch the full DX Daily segment below:

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