Jay IDK’s SubTrap album is now available for streaming via audiomack.

The SubTrap tracklist and stream are as follows:

  1. Sexy Bartender Pt 1/Intro
  2. Dirty Scale
  3. God Said Trap
  4. The Plug
  5. Thank Reagan
  6. Thugs Prayers
  7. The Feigns
  8. We All Da Same (Everyone)
  9. The Bio Student
  10. Pussy Is power
  11. Cookie Addiction
  12. Metro
  13. Sexy Bartender pt 2
  14. Last Song
  15. Two Hoes f. Eddie Vanz

(The original article in this thread ran August 11, 2015. It is as follows.)

Jay IDK’s debut album, SubTrap, is set to be released August 25, according to a press release.

The DMV rapper’s latest single is “The Plug.”

SubTrap is mixed by Delbert Bowers and produced by Lo-Fi, Skhyehutch, Tobari, GamBrand, The Glitch Mob, Noose, Mister Temptation, The Watcherz and Jay IDK.

Short for “Jay is Ignorantly Delivering Knowledge,” Jay IDK was born in London and is now spends time in Maryland, Los Angeles and New York.

SubTrap, which stands for trap music with substance, can be preordered on iTunes.

Below is SubTrap‘s cover art, which was designed by Nicky Chulo.