The Game released both installments of The Documentary 2 this month. Prior to the release of the two discs, the Compton, California rapper explained how Dr. Dre was involved in the follow-up to The Game’s 2005 debut album.

Dre played a big part in the album,” The Game said to Hot 97 in June. The rapper-producer appears on The Documentary 2 selection “Don’t Trip.”

In an interview with Billboard published today (October 22), The Game details some advice that Dr. Dre gave that he did not follow.



“He said I shouldn’t make it a double-disc,” he says. “He said you should give people 10 to 12 songs because their attention span is so short. The longer you draw it out, people start to get bored. But I did it anyway.”

There are 37 songs between The Documentary 2 and The Documentary 2.5. The first disc debuted at the second spot on the Billboard Top 200 albums chart. Sales figures for The Documentary 2.5 will be released Monday (October 26).

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