Lil Wayne has filed a response in the lawsuit over unpaid fees from the lawyers who represented him against Signature Jets, Bossip reports.

In documents that were filed January 22, the New Orleans rapper claims that he paid Miami firm Garbett, Allen & Roza P.A. what they were owed. He says they overcharged him and he does not owe them any more money.

“Plaintiff’s claims are barred…in light of the fact that among other things, the amount alleged to be owed exceeds the fair, equitable, and/or reasonable value of goods and/or services received,” Lil Wayne says in the defense documents.

The law firm sued the rapper in October, claiming he owes them more than $80,000 for their work representing him in his case against Signature Jets. Lil Wayne owes the private jet company $2 million after he lost the suit.

Lil Wayne was also sued by a lawyer who helped him file his case against Birdman and Cash Money. The member of Michael B. Kramer & Associates dropped the suit.

(This story was first published on October 19, 2015 and is as follows.)

In addition to having to pay Signature Jets after losing a lawsuit filed by the private jet company, it appears that Lil Wayne may also have to pay added money to the lawyers who represented him during the case.

TMZ reports that the lawyers who represented the New Orleans, Louisiana rapper, Garbett, Allen & Roza, have filed a lawsuit against Wayne for unpaid fees.

Lil Wayne reportedly still owes his lawyers over $80,000.

“Wayne’s counselors say they’ve already applied the $12,000 retainer he paid when he hired them back in Aug 2014, but he still owes $80,682.45,” TMZ reports.

The rapper lost his case against Signature Jets several weeks ago. As a result of the loss, he’ll have to dish out $2 million to the company.

Signature Jets’ lawsuit against Wayne was also over unpaid fees.

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