Jeezy spoke on the theme and direction of his forthcoming album, Church In These Streets, during a recent appearance on HOT 97.

“When I came out, Trap or Die and everything I was doing, I was just talking about my surroundings in my hood and what I was going through,” Jeezy says. “But these are the things I’m going through now because my Trap is the world, it ain’t just my neighborhood anymore. I’ma use my platform to speak on what I go through, or how I see things because it’s my art. So that’s where the album is going, we all grown now, we getting money, we doing better than before but you see things going on around that is still going on. It’s even worse now than when I was coming up, so you just speak on those things because that’s what you take. You take negative energy and positive energy and you put it into the music. So some people might look at it as growth, but I look at it as real life.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Jeezy opened up about a warning that he received from Minister Louis Farrakhan.

“Farrakhan gave me a call and he was like, ‘Brother Jeezy, I love what you’re doing, I love where you’re going with this but you got to understand [that] you’re turning the corner and the enemy is paying attention.’ I didn’t understand what he was saying [but] one week later I was in jail in California for murder, assault rifle—some shit I had nothing to do with.”

Jeezy released his five-track Politically Correct EP this past Saturday (October 10). The project was in honor of the Justice Or Else event commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the Million Man March.

Jeezy’s interview with HOT 97 can be viewed below:

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