Kid Cudi took to Twitter today (October 6) to address criticism and explain his process in making new music.

“My first 2 albums were meant to be untopped,” he says in one of the posts. “I didn’t even think Id live to make another record after motm 2.”

Cudi released two Man On The Moon albums, one in 2009 and 2010 and, in January, said that he would work on a third installment of the series if the original team came together.

Now, the Cleveland artist says that the project “doesn’t exist.”

“Its just a title,” he says. “It will be nothing like any of my previous work just like all my releases.”

Cudi expresses frustration over people trying to stifle his creative abilities.

“If you dont like what Im doin now, please abort the train,” he says. “Do not buy my music from here on out. Its not for you. No hard feelings. Help me help you save some money and energy. We have reached a frequency only the chosen can hear. The more open the mind and heart, the more powerful the experience. If u only like my first 2 albums, Im not mad at that. It use to bother me but not anymore. Im just tired of the bitchin and people tellin me what to do. We all have choices. Just don’t listen or buy the music and you’ll be fine.”

The former G.O.O.D. Music artist is working on Speedin’ Bullet To Heaven.


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