John Givez is among a myriad of rappers on the West Coast trying to bring a more positive message to those who grew up hard.

Recently speaking to HipHopDX Senior News Writer Victoria Hernandez, the Oceanside, California native spoke about his recently released Soul Rebel album and its meaning.

“It’s based about myself, a kid like myself growing up in Oceanside, California being surrounded by gangs, prostitution, all this other stuff that sways me back and fourth but having a foundation of being brought up in a home with faith and just good morals to live by,” he said via a segment of today’s (September 29) DX Daily. “[He comes] to a point where his soul is drifting every which way and he just comes to a point when he realizes he can be a Soul Rebel and a rebel with a cause rather than a rebel with no cause.”

John Givez also spoke about his single, “Johnny Law” and what he was trying to accomplish on it.

“There’s multiple layers to it but it’s not a song to hate the police it’s just a song to reconcile yourself to a higher standard of behaving with dealing with them,” he explained.

Watch the full DX Daily below:

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