Psalm One’s P.O.L.Y. album is now available for streaming.

The Chicago emcee also released the cover art for the project, which is slated to be released tomorrow (September 25).

The other members of her Raperchicks group, Ill-Esha, Angelenah and WhoIsFluffy?, make appearances on the 10-song project. “Hyper Sincere” replaces “Who Are You” on the final tracklist.

The P.O.L.Y. cover art and album stream are as follows:

Psalm One POLY

(This article was first published on September 13, 2015 and is as follows.)

Psalm One has announced her P.O.L.Y. album, an acronym for Psalm One Loves You.

The project is slated to have 10 tracks and include features from her Rapperchicks collective. The album is scheduled for a September 25 release date. The Chicago rapper will also go on the “DIY Tour” in promotion of the album.

Psalm One, known as the first lady of Rhymesayers Entertainment, released Death of the Frequent Flyer through the label in 2006, but has since been making music independently, including 2013’s Free Hugs EP as her alter ego, Hologram Kizzie. The Chicago rapper is still signed to Rhymesayers, but says she has a fluid relationship with the Minneapolis-based team.

“Rhymesayers will always be ‘big homies’ for me,” she says in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “We did one awesome album together and it put me in an elite class of emcee. Forever grateful. However, my direction is different from what they’re known for and while they’re supportive of me as an artist, we haven’t been able to see eye-to-eye on a lot of my music. As a result, I build a lot with my team in Chicago. Rhymesayers has always been pretty cool about letting me do that. If and when we ever decide to do another album together, I would be in a renegotiation.”

Psalm One also details how the Rapperchicks formed and why it’s important to her to spread the word about these women.

“The Rapperchicks is a group of four women, three from Chicago who do multimedia projects and we’ve been doing so for over a year now,” she says. “I’ve been blessed to still be touring, so I’ve been able to take the Rapperchicks’ name all over the US and Europe on my own stages. I opened up my platform to these ladies and we’ve just been growing. The ladies are myself, of course, Ill-Esha who is a great vocalist and producer from Denver, Angelenah the young phenom who already has a Tech N9Ne feature under her belt, and my longtime partner WhoIsFluffy?. She’s our fearless leader.”

She says that P.O.L.Y. will hopefully set up The Rapperchick’s next move and she is surprised at the joy being in a group brings her.

“The Rapperchicks are all over P.O.L.Y.,” she says. “This album was meant to be collaborative and a light precursor to what our collective is gonna do next. To be honest, I never ever considered being in a Rap group. But this one is special and I couldn’t deny our magic onstage. We’ve been getting our chemistry right. I love being a Rapperchick and I’m happy I took the opportunity when it presented itself.”

Being from Chicago, Psalm One has seen the Rap game grow and change. She is a veteran who is happy to see young talents rising in popularity. The entire Rapperchicks have been supportive of the upcoming artists.

“I am a veteran and I am forever humbled by that,” she says. “Chicago has always been a hotbed of talent it’s just now so many kids are getting looks and that’s amazing. Our scene has been needing that for a long time. As far as the women in the scene, I’ve worked in some capacity with most of them. I have a song with Sasha Go Hard we released earlier this year  called ‘Might Not.’ Myself and ProbCause have a group called ZROFOX and we featured her on our debut EP. Angelenah just dropped a single and a video with Katie [Got Bandz]. We bump Tink all the time.”

Psalm One hopes to use her platform to encourage other artists in their craft, especially because she is still going strong in her career.

“I believe my role is to be an OG in this,” she says. “I represented the new school when I came out, and some of the older artists in the scene began doing other things. So now, being able to get older in this and still have a career is truly a blessing. Me being a vet is nice because I also run a mentoring program. I am always gonna be studied, and I still have a lot to learn. I’m just solidifying myself as an important part of Chicago Hip Hop.”

The P.O.L.Y. tracklist is as follows:

  1. Secrets (No Waiting)
  2. Impatient (Just U & Us)
  3. Kissy Face
  4. Maybe Never
  5. Beautiful Triad
  6. Plenty of Wins
  7. Hella Sad
  8. Hyper Sincere (originally reported as “Who Are You”)
  9. Get In Where I Fit In
  10. So Close

The “DIY Tour” dates are below:

9-11 Chicago, IL – Riot Fest
9-18 Carbondale, IL – Manna Festival
9-19 Carbondale, IL – Manna Festival
9-22 Springfield, IL – Bar Non
9-25 Indianapolis – State Street Pub
9-26 Urbana, IL – Pygmalion Festival
9-27  Sioux Falls, SD – Billy Frog’s
9-29 Omaha, NE – Waiting Room Lounge
9-30 Lincoln, NE – Duffy’s Tavern
10-1 Iowa City, IA – The Mill
10-10 Louisville, KY – Outskirts Festival
10-13 London, Canada – APK
10-14 Toronto, Canada – Revival
10-18 Allston, MA – Wonder Bar
10-21 Portland, MA – Asylum
10-25 Manchester, NH – Shaskeen Pub
10-28 Minneapolis, MN – Lyn-Lake Brewery