Pusha T says that he is still working on his King Push album.

“I am feverishly,” Pusha T says during an interview with Billboard. “I love that word so much these days. I am feverishly trying to finish King Push, and get some music out this month. It’s a real easy thing — just a couple different pieces that I feel like need to be in place.”

The Virginia Beach, Virginia rapper says that touring impacts his recording process.

“When you make albums like I do, and it’s based off fanfare and based off touring — I make these albums and I get on the road,” he says. “It’s not really a radio-driven thing. I get on the road and I see my fans and I touch each and every last one of them. I do that for however long it takes. Then we start the process all over again, making music. So sometimes there’s lag time.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Pusha T says the title track of N.W.A’s 1990 100 Miles And Runnin’ EP is his favorite song from the Compton, California group. 

The energy of that video was like, everything to me,” Pusha T says. “They just really articulated everything that I thought, while living on the extreme polar opposite coast, directly across from Los Angeles, California in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I didn’t know what to expect over there, but they made me see the vision. I felt like whatever N.W.A said was law. When I looked at those videos, and saw them running from the police, I might have thought they were really running from the police. I was a child, and I was so engulfed — I was in a trance, looking at this. They sold it to me. They sold it. They sold everything to me. They could have recorded those records last week, and they would be just as true.”

Straight Outta Compton, the biopic focusing on the emergence of N.W.A in the late 1980s and early 1990s, earned more than $60 million last weekend, making it the #1 film in the country.

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