Karrine Steffans says that Drake ghostwrote for Lil Wayne.

“Wayne told me that Drake had written some things for him,” Steffans says to VladTV. “I was in the studio with Wayne listening to something that Drake had written ’cause Wayne can’t write like that. He’ll be honest about it. He only writes a certain way.”

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Last month, Meek Mill accused the Toronto rapper of not writing his own raps and named Quentin Miller as Drake’s ghostwriter. Funkmaster Flex released reference tracks of Miller performing some of Drake’s songs.

“Everyone has reference tracks,” Steffans says of the situation. “An artist will write something, leave it ’cause he doesn’t have time, go do something else, come back in a day or two and someone’s laid down the reference track to show them how that song can fit on top of that beat. Then, they go in there and they do it their own way, little better, put their twist on it, but no man is an island. It takes a village to create an album.”

She says that when she was in the studio with Lil Wayne, she never heard a reference track for the material Drake supposedly wrote for the New Orleans emcee, but Wayne told her how Drake helped him with his storytelling.

“He was very honest, he says, ‘I don’t write that way. I don’t know how,'” Steffans says. “So Drake was just kinda showing him how to take his ideas and turn them into a story and to make that story come back around. That’s a skill. That’s a storytelling skill. Not everybody can do that.”

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