Cassidy spoke exclusively with VladTV and shared his thoughts on Meek Mill’s “Wanna Know” Drake diss during a phone interview published Friday (July 31).

“I don’t know why the dudes around him even gave him the okay. Like, ‘Yeah, that’s it. That’s the one,'” Cassidy says.

Cassidy, who was also involved in his own beef with Meek Milly in 2012, seemingly sides with Drake in the feud between the two emcees, calling Meek’s response weak and saying that he expected more from the MMG rapper.

“Because Meek started it and started to put the shit all out on Twitter like he usually do,” the “Hotel” rapper says. “I’m thinking he got one in the chamber and I’m thinking he’s getting ready to crazy on the boy.”

“[Drake] surprised me,” the Larsiny Family rapper continues.  “He did more than what I expected and Meek did wild less than what I expected.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Cassidy also addresses ghostwriting in Rap.

“It’s been plenty of rappers that I have liked they music my whole life before I knew them and then when I got a chance to meet them they wanted me to write for them,” Cass says. “So I’m like ‘Damn.’ I’m writing for niggas that I look up to because I always thought they was crazy, but it wasn’t really them that was crazy. It was them and a group of niggas, whoever they was working with at the time, that got them crazy or played a part in them getting crazy.”

Cassidy says that because of these experiences, he is not dismayed by the use of ghostwriters in Rap.

“I don’t go and announce the rappers that I have written for,” he says. “That’s not to say that the people you just named but some type of big names, big people I done gave stuff to time and time again. I know other people that done gave them stuff. I done seen it. It’s so many times that I done seen it and the majority of the music that comes out, it is a team of people working on it to make it happen so I wouldn’t be shocked. I would be shocked if a dude spitted on his own 100% all by himself. Then I would be shocked because that’s what’s hard to find especially from a nigga that’s lit.”

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