Sitting down with VladTV to talk about his back-and-forth beef with fellow Philly emcee Meek Mill, Cassidy explained feeling like the competition was good for Hip Hop.

Asked if they’ve talked since the public dispute, Cassidy said they haven’t.

“Nah,” he said. “We ain’t talk.”

Speaking more generally about the beef, Cassidy shared feeling like it was contained to the music.

“It’s Hip Hop,” he said. “The media try to make it seem like it’s on some street beef or something like that. I don’t want nothing to happen to Meek. That was my homie. I was showing him love before the whole world even knew who he was. I wish him nothing but the best. But at the end of the day I feel I’m the best with this music shit. So if anybody ever try to question that, then it’s like, let’s get it. I feel as though niggas need to be more competitive man. Everybody friends and hugging and shaking hands and sitting together. It’s like, where is the competition at? That’s what make Hip Hop more interesting. It’s like certain basketball players from different teams is cool, they can go out to clubs and talk. But when they get on that court you gotta be competitive. You gotta be ready to win. That’s how I am when I get on songs. That’s how I am dealing with music period. I’m competitive. At the end of the day we went through a little something that just keep it Hip Hop.

“But that shit over with man,” he added. “Everybody got their opinion on what happened. Niggas seen what I did, they seen what he did. Now we onto some whole other shit. He doing what he doing. I’m doing what I’m doing.”

Explaining how the dispute was different from his history as a battle rapper himself, Cassidy said “it’s like the new version of a battle.”

“It wasn’t like a face-to-face battle how I came up doing it,” he said. “You do songs, it is like a version of it. You see how many people was excited. He could have said he didn’t wanna do ‘cause he was on the radio at the time. But we from the same city. He know the weight I hold. Ten years ago you could bring my name up and niggas still knew it. I’m a legend when it come to that. It don’t really matter about that part. My name holds so much weight that it made sense. At the end of the day I think it was good for Hip Hop.”

On the topic of his having referenced Lil Snupe in one of his Meek Mill disses, Cassidy said he doesn’t feel sorry about what he’s said.

“I had a problem with a lot of shit he said too,” Cassidy said. “It is what it is. We ain’t doing this to say shit you gonna like or you gonna approve of, when you’re doing that, you’re trying to say whatever you could say to get under a nigga’s skin, to impress the listeners. You gonna say whatever you wanna say. I could name a bunch of things that nigga said that I don’t approve of. It is what it is…I don’t feel sorry. I’m not gonna apologize for nothing I said. I said it ‘cause I wanted to say it.”

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