In an appearance on Huff Post Live Friday (July 24), “Uncommon Sense” host Charlamagne Tha God answered a few viewer questions, including one from HipHopDX’s Senior Features Editor, Ural Garrett.

Garrett asked Charlamagne what went into him bringing Minister Louis Farrakhan onto The Breakfast Club this year. Charlamagne says he had a mutual connection from his hometown.

“One of his right hand mans, Brother Don Muhammad, he’s actually from the neighboring town next to mine which is Moncks Corner, South Carolina,” says The Breakfast Club host. “Him and my father grew up together so we’ve always had great rapport with each other. They’ll call me and check on me every couple of months just to make sure I’m not selling out.”

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Charlamagne says it was during one of Muhammad’s routine visits that he got the idea to bring Farrakhan on the show.

“I just feel like with everything that’s going on in society, I feel like we need to hear his voice right now,” he says. “I wanted to give him that platform. I didn’t even realize this year was going to be the 20-year anniversary of the Million Man March. They’re doing a march October 10th. It just worked out.”

The 20-year anniversary of the Million Man March is scheduled to take place in Washington, D.C. The original march was held October 16, 1995 at the National Mall where an estimated one million Black men, led by Farrakhan, gathered to proclaim their right to justice.

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