Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, recently stopped by the Breakfast Club on New York’s Power 105 Friday (June 5).

Minister Farrakhan discussed numerous topics as DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne Tha God were a little bit more toned down in front of the respected leader. Among the topics discussed were the recent police shootings of unarmed individuals and subsequent protests calling for it to end. Farrakhan says more of a commotion should be made about the shootings since the state isn’t doing anything to address the matter.

“The only thing they want to know is when they kill us, are y’all going to be peaceful? Well should we be?,” he said when asked about the shootings. “That’s a question we have to keep asking ourselves. How can peace be there, if there’s no justice there and the government is too weak to stand up for us and we pay the taxes of these people that shoot us down? We pay the taxes for an education that does not educate us properly that we can come out of school and do something for ourselves. We’ve got to go back and beg them for what we could unite and do for ourselves. We’ve got some serious decisions to make.”

Louis Farrakhan also told the trio of radio hosts that rappers are the new leaders now. He also explained that they should use their voice for good as each of the top rappers have a wide following.

“I was with Brother Snoop [Dogg], and I was telling my brother how you rappers are the new leaders,” he said. “You’re the real leaders of the people. The rapper doesn’t think he’s a leader, but he’s got followers all over the world. The biggest preachers don’t have as many followers as one rapper. How can we get you to rap where intelligence is coming through the lyrics with a beat that begins to open the minds of people. Our people want better and they’ll do better if they are shown better.”

Finally during the sit down, the Minister talked about his own musical past and says he’s got a surprise collaboration coming with Kanye West.

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