Drake sent several bottles of Dom Perrignon champagne to Power 105.1 radio personality Charlamagne Tha God this morning (July 29).

“Look at this y’all, Drake really sent the bottles,” Charlamagne says in the Instagram video. “One, two, three, four, five, six.”

Drake calls his hometown of Toronto “The Six” and is working on his forthcoming album, Views From the 6.

In the past, Charlamagne and Drake famously avoided each other, but the bottles came with a note of reconciliation.

“Let’s be friends, Aubrey Graham,” the note with the champagne says.

This comes days after Funkmaster Flex and Hot 97, rival station to Power 105.1, promised to release a Meek Mill diss track on Drake. Charlamagne Tha God named Funkmaster Flex “donkey of the day” after the promised track did not appear.

“You gon make me send bottles to Charlamagne,” Drake raps in “Back To Back,” his latest diss track.

Drake kept his word by sending over a thousand dollars worth of alcohol to the radio personality.

“This guy Drake is really living his raps mane,” Charlamagne says in a video from the Breakfast Club. “ Somebody was gonna make him buy bottles. He bought six bottles of Dom Perrignon. You know I didn’t buy these because I wouldn’t spend this kind of money. It came with a card…All I can say is salute to that guy, salute to Drake, he’s having a great week. I love the fact that he came back at Meek’s Twitter rant with a record…the new record ‘Back To Back’ tough tune, and the guy is living his raps. Drake gave us bars, salute to him for that.”

Meek Mill has yet to respond with a diss track.

"You going to make me buy bottles for Charlamagne" Drake living his raps.

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