Ebro, host for New York radio station Hot 97, was on air today (July 28) and addressed why Funkmaster Flex did not premier Meek Mill’s Drake diss track. The Philadelphia rapper was scheduled to appear on Flex’s Hot 97 show yesterday (July 27).

“We specifically were told that Meek had something for Flex last night,” Ebro says. “And we waited and waited and waited and waited and waited. And now y’all can go as hard as y’all want to go at Flex.”

Ebro says that Meek Mill probably promised the track, an answer to Drake’s “Charged Up,” to Flex as a friend. He says that Flex was most likely just promoting what he had been told. When Flex’s show was almost over, Meek posted a preview of a track on Twitter called “Beautiful Nightmare (Drake Diss).”

“We don’t record music. We don’t write rhymes. We play music,” Ebro says. “So we go off people’s word, man. If somebody gives us the word that they wanna rock with something, we gonna rock with it. I can speculate many different ways as to why that song didn’t come through last night. I’m not gonna do that today.”

Ebro says that he encouraged listeners on his Beats 1 radio show to go and listen to Hot 97 for the diss track. He says the fact the track didn’t play made him and the station look bad, but that Hot 97 is still superior to rival Power 105.

“We’re gonna take the beating that we should take,” he says. “That’s fine. I’m comfortable with that. We’ve taken worse beatings. Every time we jump out and do something or attempt to do something, guess who’s standing there trying to be on our heels, trying to talk about us? Power 105. Your entire existence is based on us and everyone knows it. And you can pay Bossip, you can pay all them Black little gossip blogs to post you all the time, fam. You can confuse everyone to make you think you’re really bout this Hip Hop thing, my G. You’re not. And everyone knows it, which is why when anything important in Hip Hop happens, it happens on Hot 97. It’s gonna continue to be that way.”

Meek Mill called out Drake last week, saying he didn’t write his own lyrics. The accusation caused a series of back-and-forth shots between the rappers and their affiliates.

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