After releasing a reference track of Drake’s “10 Bands” song Wednesday (July 22), Funkmaster Flex says he has additional Drake reference tracks.

“There are 3 more reference tracks…. That niggas “collaborated” on!!!!” Funkmaster Flex wrote on Twitter yesterday (July 24).

Whether or not Drake writes his lyrics became an issue Tuesday (July 21) when Meek Mill claimed that Drake didn’t write his material.

While many fans on Titter claim that Funkmaster Flex is unfairly targeting Drake, the New York radio station Hot 97 radio personality says that is not the case.

“This ain’t about Meek or Drake… This is about an art!” he wrote yesterday. “If Jay or Nas had a reference track I would feel and act the same way.”

In other tweets, Funkmaster Flex says that he does not have a problem with artists working with others on their material.

Nigga nobody got a problem with “collaborating” or “ghostwriting” DONT FRONT LIKE U DO!!!! @DRAKE,” Funkmaster Flex also wrote on Twitter yesterday.

The radio personality then said other highly regarded rappers do not have reference tracks floating around.

“Jay, Nas, Pac, Big, Em, Kendrick and J.cole don’t have 4 fucking reference tracks of a nigga doing his verse!!!!!! @Drake,” Funkmaster Flex wrote.

Funkmaster Flex’s tweets are as follows:

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