As part of Sprite and Fader’s “Obey Your Thirst” docu-series, Queens, New York lyricist Nas spoke on his “thirst for success,” his desire to make an impact in Hip Hop, and more.

In the documentary, Nas attributed his drive for success to growing up in New York. He also recalled wanting to excel at whatever he chose as his career, whether it was as a screenplay writer, comic book illustrator, or another career.

“My thirst for success comes from being born in New York and just wanting to do all the things I dreamed about,” Nas said. “I always had some kind of drive in me. Whether I was going to be a screenplay writer. Whether I was going to be an artist that illustrated comic books. I wanted to be a businessman and set up my room like an office when I was like 10-years-old. Whatever I got into, I always planned to excel. I always believed that I could have it. I always believed that I could give people my ideas through art.”

Nas later spoke on the impact hearing Hip Hop in his hometown of Queensbridge had on him. He says a desire “to kick everybody out” of the genre eventually formed.

“Growing up in Queensbridge, Hip Hop was the most amazing thing I ever heard,” he said. “It was nothing more important to me in the whole world than having a voice. I wanted to make a big impact on this art form. I wanted to kick everybody out. I wanted to open up a doorway for another generation. My advice for the younger dudes would be push yourself all the way. Don’t obsess over what anyone else is doing. If you’re given the opportunity and you’re lucky enough to have freedom to do what you want to do in your career. Why trap yourself?”

The “Obey Your Thirst” installment featuring Nas can be found below.

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