Hopsin says he hopes to make a better quality album with Pound Syndrome than he did with 2013’s Knock Madness.

“It’s just an album that I kind of wanted to redeem myself on from my last album because I didn’t like it,” Hopsin says to VladTV.

The Funk Volume co-founder says that all of the label’s artists, Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton and SwizZz, will be featured on the project.

“It’s all just dope Hip Hop,” he says of the LP. “That’s pretty much what I was going for. It’s not like a themed album where it has a storyline or anything like that. It’s just dope songs, but they all kind of fit together.”

Hopsin says that he spoke with engineers to perfect his production. Pound Syndrome will be completely self-produced.

“I took a lot more time and studied everything when it comes to mixing and mastering, different plug-ins to use and I just kinda wanted to step my game up on that side of making music,” he says. “I took a year of just learning and sitting with other producers and everything, asked them questions and just trying to step my game up.”

He says that he feels a sense of responsibility to take Funk Volume to the next level.

“I started the label and I don’t, it’s just gonna be weird if everybody else released an album and I didn’t,” he says. “It’s just gonna make me look bad like I’m falling off. I wanted the whole label to just go hard. It’s dope if they’re dropping albums, but it’d be doper if everyone dropped an album. So I just wanted to contribute to that to just make the label even bigger.”

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